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To pay the Awana Club Dues, Register on line. If you register by mail, click here and then choose Awana Registration for the giving designation. 

It is important for us as a ministry to have contact information to protect your child. The Awana Club Dues are $30 per child for the whole year. The reason for the low fee is that Wheatland Community Church gives the Awana program $1,600 a year to cover the cost to run the ministry. They help cover the costs of handbooks, vests, awards, prizes, Grand Prix derby kits, Grand Prix, events, dinners, snacks, and service projects. All the Awana staff are unpaid 100% volunteers. Awana meets about 22 weeks a year. 

*If you are struggling to pay the Club Dues, you may serve in the classroom to help cover your fee. For every week you volunteer, you will be reimbursed $2 from your Club Dues. You will just need to pass a free background check and receive free club training. 

"Our mission is to KNOW God, LOVE God and others, and to SHARE the love of Jesus with others"