Our Missions & Goals

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Know God, Love God and others, and Share the love of Jesus with others.

Our Goals

We believe that God has created us to have a meaningful relationship with Him and loving relationships with a community of people (church) who have faith in God. We believe that the most God-honoring and enjoyable life we can live is in pursuing these 5 goals. These goals are for those who would call themselves Christians, or as we say, disciples (followers) of Jesus:

  • Participate in the worship service on Sunday mornings
  • Be involved in a Small Group (or meet purposefully with other disciples of Jesus)
  • Serve in a ministry of the church
  • Spend time with God regularly (reading the Bible and praying)
  • Live on mission (serve, love, share about Jesus with others)

"Our mission is to KNOW God, LOVE God and others, and to SHARE the love of Jesus with others"