Guidelines for Returning to In-person Services

The health and well-being of our community and society is very important to us. We believe it is our responsibility to set a strong tone for being both confident and safe moving forward. We believe the following guidelines will help us accomplish this perspective. We are asking that everyone who is a part of Wheatland Community Church abide by these guidelines as we submit to one another out of reverence for Christ (Eph. 5:21).

1) If you are sick or have been with someone you know who has gotten sick recently, please do not attend events in-person. Please take your temperature before coming to an in-person gathering, even if you are feeling well. If your temperature reads 100.4 or higher, stay home. We also ask that you stay home if you are consistently over 99.0. If you are an “at-risk” person, please consider continuing to join us virtually. If you greatly desire to be in-person with us, we encourage you to be vigorously mindful of personal hygiene and space. Our Sunday morning worship service will continue to stream online.

2) Please practice good hygiene safety as a lifestyle: Wash hands, use hand sanitizer (provided around our facility), avoid touching your face and others, cover your cough, etc.
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3) Please be aware of others’ space. We will have seating set up already with adequate/comfortable spacing as much as possible. We encourage everyone to greet one another with a smile and affirming words, but not with physical contact. Some people may be comfortable with closeness. Others may prefer to not come in close contact with others. Because we cannot be certain, it is best that we respect others by giving them the space that they may desire.

4) We ask that everyone bring and wear a mask when coming to any gathering. You can feel free to take your mask off only when you are stationary and are certain that the people who are within 6 feet of you are comfortable without the protection of masks. If you ever find yourself in a situation where people are moving around near you, please make sure to have your mask on. In short, when in doubt, wear your mask.

If you are an individual/family that is comfortable sitting near people without the protection of masks, please sit near the front/middle. We ask that you leave the back rows and sides open for people who may be less comfortable with people not wearing masks in a large gathering. We will have masks on a table upon entry for you to take in case you forget yours or need one to use.

5) WCC maintenance team(s) will be cleaning all primary surfaces that have or may have been used/touched after every gathering of people. These surfaces include all door handles, table counters, children’s toys, etc. Note: the CDC states that surface-to-person contracting of the virus is low-risk compared to person-to-person contact. ( However, we are still committed to providing a consistently clean and safe environment.

6) We will not be passing communion elements or giving plates. We may observe the Lord’s Supper in small groups in the future.

7) If it becomes known that someone amongst us has been infected, we will notify everyone immediately and most likely cancel in-person gatherings until there is a two-week period of time where they have been in contact with any of us.


The Elders at WCC

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