Main Objectives

- 1/13/2019

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Future Focus
January 13, 2019
John 4:1-42

Mission To Know God
To Love God and others
To Share God’s love with others

Vision To see those far from God, know God – to see those who know God, become ignited for God.

Main Objectives

Establish and develop the Small Groups Ministry Team

Evaluate and Improve the Sunday Morning Worship service

Establish and follow through with a plan for Community Outreach

John 4:1-42

1) Jesus reached out to everyone – especially the marginalized and those who were open to Him (v. 9, 34-38)

2) Jesus spoke to the importance and universality of worship (v. 21-24)

- Importance – God desires worship in spirit and truth
- true worship comes out of a reality of and a brokenness over sin and a realization of the grace of God for you (v. 18-20, 25-26)

- Universality – worship is a naturally entry point for all people

3) Jesus showed the power of what happens when you invite people to gather intentionally (v. 39-42)

Downloads & Resources

"Our mission is to KNOW God, LOVE God and others, and to SHARE the love of Jesus with others"