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Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Sparks dig a little deeper into God’s Word. Clubbers learn basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation and the Bible and they work through each book.

Parent involvement continues to be a vital part of your Clubber’s success. In addition to organized family times that will be scheduled, being available as a volunteer greatly assists our leaders. Parents can also assist their Clubbers by helping them remember to come prepared for Theme Nights, assisting with verse memorization, and bringing friends.

Sparks meet in the classrooms down stairs. Please drop your Clubber off promptly at 6:00p.m. They must be picked up by a parent or parent representative at their classroom by 7:30p.m.

Once a Clubber passes their Sparks Gate, they will receive a handbook and uniform. Payment can be made at any time, but is not due until the items are actually received.

It is important that vests be worn weekly. They should be kept neat and clean, with achievements displayed as shown at the end of the handbook. Clubbers must be wearing their vests in order to receive their awards.

Service Project

Sparks will have the serving opportunities of helping on Grace Acres farm, raking leaves for the elderly, giving toys to children at the Ronald McDonald House, and Christmas and Easter card making for the residents of Avon Nursing Home, Singing songs to the Avon Nursing Facility Residents, and giving supplies to the Open Door Mission.

Weekly Schedule

Snack TimeTasty finger foods

Counsel TimeLearn a story from God’s Word

Game Time – FUN!!

Handbook Time – Small group time to recite sections to Leader

Sparks Leaders: Lauren Baum, Laura Michaels, Tosa Lindberg, Mary Reid, Kim Griffith, Gary Griffith, Melinda Harkness, Julie Brancato

Game Leaders: Karl Baum,Jeffery Zukoski

Snack Coordinators: Linda Walthall, Jessica Zukoski

"Our mission is to KNOW God, LOVE God and others, and to SHARE the love of Jesus with others"